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The MSTI Web Site is a secure, web-based data reporting system designed to support licensed MST programs in all aspects of quality assurance monitoring. Data is collected on case outcomes and adherence to the MST practice guidelines for therapists, supervisors, experts and provider organizations. Real time reports are available to authorized users. Users only have access to the forms and data needed to perform their "role" in the system (e.g., organization users will only be able to access their own data; MST Experts will only be able to access information for their assigned teams).

A Demo site is available that replicates the MSTI data reporting system. All functionality is identical on both sites. However, the Demo site does not have real data and users should only enter test data on this site, as it is used only for training and testing. Users are free to "play" on this Web site, in order to better understand how the MSTI Web site works, prior to using it. For login information to view the Demo Web site, please send a request to and specify that you need login information to use the Demo Web site.

To see answers to frequently asked questions about the Enhanced Web site, click here.

If you are a new licensed MST program and want to start using the Enhanced Web site, please send a registration request to Registration forms are available in our Forms and Resources section.